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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mobile Gambling Could Hit Atlantic City Casinos Soon « CBS Philly

Mobile Gambling Could Hit Atlantic City Casinos Soon « CBS Philly

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) – The New Jersey Assembly has approved, and sent to the state Senate, a plan to allow for the use of mobiledevices to gamble in Atlantic City casinos.
The measure, which is co-sponsored by Paulsboro Democrat John Burzichelli, is expected to get through the senate and he hopes for Governor Chris Christie’s signature as well.
“We’re going to take advantage of technologythat allows an individual who’s a patron of a casino to use a portable device to continue to play a casino game,” Burzichelli said. “The device is limited to the boundaries of the casino. It doesn’t work in the parking garage. You can’t take it onto the beach. You can’t take it on the boardwalk.
It would be left to state gaming officials to decide whether that device is yours, with a downloadable program, or the casino’s through a device they’d issue to you.
It should be noted that Delaware is on the verge of approving online gaming throughout the state, an idea also under development in New Jersey.

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